Rock 'n Roll Tree

I met another woman
she's just another way out of misery
just another broken promise
I picked a fruit from a rock'n roll tree
No one has to worry
if time treats us like we are fools
as long as there are broken hearts
there's people like me searching for a mystery

Hard to be a citizen of Eden
when love don't mean jack shit to me
just another darkened heart
It's tired of pumping the nectar of love
Entangled in the roots of youth
no use to move it to the next level
you don't have to worry about me because
I'm eating the fruits from the rock 'n roll tree

Find your love in rock'n roll, tame your lust or pay your toll
don't stay inside a woman if you know what I mean

See a lot of sad faces
should put them out of their misery
they choose the trail of righteousness
searching inside a woman for love
When I trust myself to stay for a while
ripped apart it's not my style
if you see me throwing pearls for swine
throw me a fruit and I'll be just fine