We’re summoned to the wall
beneath the barrier our wounds will heal
Been working on a safe haven
lead the the way before all hope is sealed


Preperations must be done in the dark
there's no time for a second wave
Our leader has perished we need a new spark
six thousand souls to save


Step up, get in
Are you ready for a main ignition
Sit down, buckle up
It's time to move it's our Destination


A new world appear like a fantasy
there's room for all and more
They speak of research and technology
and the power of the core



Widespread panic run to the street

an impact closing in

Widespread panic you don't wanna meet

they’re pulling in for the win


In the dark we hide from evil

we need a way out of here

We are the rodents of this planet

a last escape is near.


Lyrics by Kim Ihsak Sandvik, 201520