Dancing with the Devil

It was just the other day, we we're getting high and loaded every day
I was in for a ride spinning into darkness, the world was on fire
A drug helped me escape reality,  it got me from pleasure to pain
I was in heaven but I woke up in hell

Inanimate people lying around, and all I can do is hear them moan
I don't really know if I’m a sleep or awake, it's been several hours since I soiled myself
This blurry existence the smell of blood, drugs and rotten flesh
Is as close as I've come,  to death

I am always searching for the ultimate high, the one that got me hooked for life
Born in the hills, but raised on the street                                                             
I have fucked up one million times or more, that's so much one needle holds
I'm sorry mum I did not turn around

Caught somewhere between heaven and hell, the devil's got me under his spell
Will I ever realize what I've become and take control of what I’m escaping from
I've been dancing with the devil for quite some time,  wish I could take back the life that was mine
The needle in my arm tells me it might be too late

Petter Chr. Lein